You have within you a gift of words. There’s zero possibility that you have nothing to say, or that what you have to say is not enough. An ecosystem of stories, insights, explorations, confessions and jests lives in you wanting to be shared. This is true whatever fields you write…

I know this may come as a shock to all of you who suffer under its curse day by day.

All those who miserably stare at the blank page from the other side of the room,

singing “I keep dancing on my own” under their breath.

Who view the blank…

One day I got rejected by 5000 people, but one little kid’s life changed forever.

Well, maybe not forever, but definitely that afternoon, and changing a kid’s life for a few hours is worth being ignored by thousands anytime. …

The Only Rejections That Matter

Have You Ever:

1) Been intensely attracted to someone, and yet, brutally and inexplicably, you didn’t end up sleeping with/marrying them?

2) Most definitely wanted a job/award/membership/to catch a frisbee and yet, ridiculously and criminally, somehow didn’t get it?

3) Profoundly ached for the regard…

How to Have Infinite Creative Ideas.

This process trains your mind to produce endless ideas on any topic. I don’t mean unfaltering. The flow waxes and wanes like all natural things (thankfully!) but if you keep returning to these principles, you’ll keep strengthening the flow for your whole life. …

The Reason Any Personal Growth Efforts Succeed or Fail

We may as well just whack ourselves with a teabag…..

…….I’ve tried out hundreds of techniques and teachers for personal and creative growth, and reinvented and played around with everything I’ve ever come across, as well as creating countless practices of…

Five Minutes to Release Your Speaking Genius

This five minute exercise releases stresses and anxieties, frees up blocked energy and intentions, and creates the powerful positive states that fuel great speaking. It basically distills everything you need to practice in order to become a genius speaker, into a fun freeing…

Intimidated to Inspired — How to Love Comparing Yourself to Amazing People

Disclaimer — ‘Teachers’ teach what they need to learn. I’ve experienced huge shifts in this area, but I’m still addressing my own tortured thoughts here just as much as you, my wise, very attractive reader.

The Man with…

You Always Have Something Inspiring To Say

Disclaimer: The whole idea of ‘The Most/Best Thing’ is a bit silly. It reinforces silly ideas of competition and hierarchy. We could list inspiring people all day.

One Word to Transform Your Speaking

What quality do you want to embody more as a speaker?

When I say speaker I mean in any situation.

When I say quality I mean core human trait. Courage. Compassion. Playfulness. Stillness. Sauciness.

Have one? I’m not asking for lifelong commitment here, so just go with whatever feels good.

Dave Rock

Authentic Speech and Writing Coach, Spoken Word, Trying to Make the Human Heart Visible, Everyone Reclaiming thei Raw Genius, Also a Plonker, Raw Chocolate.

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